Our company launched the “Safety, jeopardy game” activities

Date:2018-06-06 10:10:39 click:2259

To further popularize the knowledge of creating a secure enterprise, and to improve the staffs’ awareness and participation of this activity, on the afternoon of October 25th,the labor union of our company lead this activity, and it was said there were 10 teams and 50 departmental representatives from administration, production, quality control, finance and foreign trading department taking active part in this activity. 

Thisjeopardy game had two parts---the tie-breaker questions and the risk questions, and all the questions include the knowledge of the labor union, the drug prohibition and the wage collective bargaining, the atmosphere during the game kept warm and high, every time when the host’s voice just fell, each team competed to answer the questions, they joined the game positively and actively answered the questions all the time , the people who got the correct answer would get a nice present.

Just because of this activity, it not only arouse the staffs’ enthusiasm to create a secure company ,but also enabled them to get a better understanding of safety, it helps them create an atmosphere of speaking civilization, understanding etiquette and observing the law. Meanwhile, it also strengthened the staffs’ ownership of the secure company and motivated them to participate in the construction of civilization.